Keeping Your Heat In & The Damp Out

700x400 We are the specialists in damp proofing, plastering, rendering, timber treatment, black mould eradication, insulation and condensation control.

Based in Ilkeston and serving the local to wider area, we help homeowners and potential buyers remedy damp or timber problems.

If you're from Nottingham or Derby and you believe we can assist you, call us to discuss the problem and arrange for a survey.

Rising Damp

Stay Warm & Dry Rising damp when your damp proof course breaks down, allowing water present in the ground to rise into the brickwork and internal plaster of your home...

The Warning Signs of Rising Damp


Stay Warm & Dry Condensation is caused when the air in a property contains too much water vapour. This high humidity is normally due to poor ventilation...

What Causes Condensation?

Penetrating Damp

Stay Warm & Dry Penetrating damp occurs when brickwork becomes porous and allows water to be absorbed, causing damp stains and cold spots in the walls of your home...

How to Deal with Penetrating Damp


Stay Warm & Dry Dry Rot is a fungicide (Serpula Lacrymans) which only exists because of the presence of more than 20% moisture in the affected timbers...

How Rotten Wood Could Destroy Your House


Stay Warm & Dry If woodworm is present you will notice small round holes in some of your house timbers including floor boards, floor joist, loft joists and roof joists...

Signs of Woodworm and How to Deal With It


Stay Warm & Dry SecoTHERM™ has been developed to the highest standards and is THE ULTIMATE WEATHER PROTECTION for masonry and bricks...

The Benefits of SecoTherm™

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We are a local family run business with an excellent reputation. We take pride in the work we carry out and want to take some time to introduce the way in which we conduct business.

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